Primary Color
Primary Color

13 X 13 Primary Bouncer

  • Actual Size: 13 x 13
  • Outlets: 1 Entrance
  • Age Group: Any Max Weight 200 Pounds Per Person
  • Attendants: Not Included



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The Monkey Bash Primary Bounce House Jump provides over 150 square feet of pure bounce for all size gatherings of friends!  Turn one jump into 25 or more! Inflatable jumps are one of the most popular amusement choices because they are loved by children, healthy, simple and cost-effective. Bouncing puts you in a state of health and fitness, improves your sense of balance, provides an aerobic effect for your heart, strengthens your muscles, increases the capacity for respiration, results in a better mental performance and comes in all your favorite shapes and themes!

The Ninja Jump medium Module House Jump provides over 150 square feet of pure bounce and the large Module House Jump, over 200 square feet, perfect for all size gatherings of friends! Classic styling, economical pricing and interchangeable art panels make

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